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WOMENS DAY - 15 Styles Under 15K

WOMENS DAY - 15 Styles Under 15K

Have you ever thought about what this world would look like without women? Unimaginable right? We live in an environment that is built and nurtured by Women, the source of life and everything beyond. 8th March marks the iconic day for honouring women around the globe as International Women’s Day. Today we all resonate with the phrase “Future is Female” as we believe that what lies ahead is in the hands of Women. So, this Women’s Day love yourself unconditionally and celebrate your journey of being a woman. Take a moment to embrace and empower all the women that surround you.

Take some time out for yourself, do all those things that bring you joy, be it a day out with your girlfriends or taking a solo trip to the salon. Just forget those never-ending errands and responsibilities and focus on revering the little milestones you have achieved. After all, You’ve got everything to take the world in your stride.

Here's a little something in praise of all you beautiful and strong ladies out there.

An Ode to WOMAN
She is a WOMAN in all her glory
Clothed in strength and dignity
Jewelled with the shine of confidence
Fierce and free she prides herself
Enlightens the world with her laughter
Adding a little mischief with glamour
Let us remind you all,
Your worth is not just in the roles you play
But in yourself every day.

We know that sometimes it takes more than confidence to ignite your inner sparkle and that is why we have specially curated a selection of everyday luxurious Gold, Diamond, and Silver Jewellery, that will definitely steal the spotlight wherever you go. Explore 15 such designs under 15,000 for you to shine in on women's day.

1. Swan Of Love Pendant

2. Cosmos Twirl Diamond Earrings

3. Buds & Blooms Diamond Drop Earrings

4. Infinity Fantasy Ring

5. Twirl Love Pendant

6. Butterfly Earrings

7. Timeless Diamond Ring

8. Heart to Heart Gemstone Pendant

9. Tiara Ring

10. Celtic Triquetra Diamond Earrings

11. Diadem Ring

12. Circle Of Charm Gold Pendant

13. Twirl Sole Gold Hoops

14. Leafy Gold Pendant

15. Binding Gold Ring

PNG Jewellers wishes you all very Happy Women’s day. Celebrate yourself because you totally deserve it! Also, now you’ve got just the right excuse to shop from our Gold and Diamond Jewellery collection. Browse all designs here 

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WOMENS DAY - 15 Styles Under 15K

, This Women’s Day love yourself unconditionally and celebrate your journey of being a woman. Take a moment to embrace and empower all the women that surround you.

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