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Updated on : 23/02/2018 12:00 PM

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The upcoming auspicious day to buy gold: 27 February 2018

The upcoming auspicious day to buy gold: 27 February 2018

pushya nakshatra

We know the month of March is full of wedding mahurats and for the same, you have to start preparing now. But we suggest, keep the jewellery buying on hold for now. Not for long, just until 27 February 2018. It is one of the most auspicious days to invest in gold and gold jewellery, this year.

gold bangles

Here’s why.

As per the Hindu scriptures, the 27th of February this year falls on Pushyami Nakshatra which is considered auspicious to make purchases of valuable items like gold jewellery. For the uninitiated, Pushya is one among the 27 Nakshatras. It is also known by different names in different Indian cultures - Indrapurohita, Pusya, Pushka, Pushkarya, Pushyami, Pushkararaja, Paushakya, Poosam (Tamil), Pooyyam, Tishya, Taisa and Vutkrta. The holy scriptures also suggest that the Goddess of wealth and prosperity - Maa Lakshmi, was born in this Nakshatra.

gold jhumkas

Pushya is also considered as most auspicious among other stars and is also revered as ‘The Star of Nourishment’. It implies that the star provides nourishment just like how a mother takes care of her child. By the virtue of that, cow’s udder is also one of the symbol for Pushya and if you take a closer look at the arrangement of star in the sky, the pattern looks similar to that of cow’s udder only. This Nakshatra is also believed to offer energy and power to move ahead in life through hard work and talent.

gold mangalsutra

Moreover, Pushyami is celebrated on numerous occasions over the year and is assumed to be the day when Pushya Nakshatra comes to the fore. But Pushya that falls on Thursdays or Sundays, is called as Pushy Amrit Yoga Muhurat. According to astrologers, all new ventures started during this Nakshatra are fulfilled and give positive outcomes. Especially when you buy gold or gold jewellery on this day, it is believed that Goddess Lakshmi comes and resides within your home for long time.

gold necklace

And when you are piling on the bling for your daughter’s wedding or welcoming a new bride or a new-born in your family, there is sentiment involved. You just don’t gift them something precious but a mark of good luck with a hope to fill their life with wealth and joy. Just resist the lure of discount offers, wait until the auspicious time to buy gold and bless your loved ones with prosperity and abundance.

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