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Rashi Collection


Rashi Collection

Rashi Collection by P N Gadgil Jewellers is inspired by the Zodiac Signs and their symbols that signify an individual’s birth month and their personality characteristics. Donning the symbols proudly as jewellery also shows that you proudly embrace your unique traits that you make you different from everybody else. Wearing Zodiac Signs and Symbols Pendants has emerged as a fashion trend in recent years, as attractive designs and coloured patterns uniting aesthetic values and fashion inclinationsis as fashion savvy as it gets. It also gives a slight peek in your personality, showing your conscious attempt to be an open book to read.

Your Rashi special Pendants ensure that you don’t come across as a mystery, since your personality traits become a lot easier to guess with your jewellery. The designs of the Rashi collection have been carefully crafted to communicate a subtle yet attractive image of the respective zodiac signs so that you can wear them proudly on a wide range of outfits.

Studded with Diamonds and American Diamonds, the Pendants and Earrings tick all fashion trends yet remain classic with their authentic designs that can never go out of vogue. The jewellery from the Rashi Collection is also perfect for gifting purposes, especially as personalised gifts for birthdays. The attractive designs are sure to impress when you proudly gift them to your dear ones. They show how much efforts you took to select a gift that speaks everything about your loved ones. The RashiPendants have been specifically designed keeping the choices of both, men and women into consideration. The ageless collection is perfect for all occasions, and does not require any day or event specific to select your favourite pick.

The Pendants also come across as your jewellery saviour, as they can be worn as a statement-making jewellery on any outfit, without a tinge of worry about the impression it would cast. Rashi Collection by PN Gadgil Jewellers is inspired by the Zodiac Signs and their symbols that signify an individual’s birth month and his personality characteristics.