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Precious Metal Guide

Precious metal

refers to rare, naturally occurring metals which have a high economic value. These metals exhibit high luster and are ductile. That explains their wide spread use in precious jewellery. Not only jewellery, these precious metals even make for excellent gifting option and are considered to be safe investments world over. The best-known and popular precious metals are gold and silver.

Buying Gold Jewellery :

Someone rightly said that “all that glitters is gold”. Gold is the king of all precious metals and most famous and coveted for its use in precious jewelery. For us Indians, buying gold jewellery is a mark of any celebrations, prosperity and opulence, and involves a great deal of trust in the source of purchase. Here's what you need to remember while buying gold jewellery,


With gold even a lay man would tell you that 24 karat gold is the purest. But pure gold is too soft to use it as jewellery. So it is mixed with other alloys to give it strength and durability. The most common 'Carat' options are 18K, 22K and 24K. Higher the number of caratage, higher the purity of the gold. At P.N.Gadgil jewellers we use 18K for diamond jewellery and 22K to 23K for gold jewellery.


The total weight of gold utilized, its prevailing value, purity, kind of skill and labour gone in its making are deciding factors for the price a gold jewellery commands. The value of gold is closely monitered in the market 24/7 and fluctuates on a daily basis.


Apart from the traditional yellow gold, gold also comes in variations of white gold and rose gold. Many jewellery pieces also use two-tones. Mixing in white metals, such as palladium or silver in combination, creates white gold. Including copper results in the soft pinkish rose gold.


In India and other countries, it is mandatory that every gold jewellery bears a stamp indicative of its caratage. The government of India has identified BIS as a sole agency and the BIS hallmarking system confirms with the international standards. All P.N.Gadgil jewellery is hallmarked and certified by BIS. Buying gold jewellery involves a lot of money and it is important that you buy from only trusted and reputed jewellers. Ensure that the jewellery brand credentials are well established.

Buying Silver Jewellery/ Silverware :

Silver jewellery is an effective way of buying and adding to your jewellery collection as it is much more affordable and easy to buy. Silver on its own is too soft and malleable to make jewellery. When combined with copper, it is the most effective combination because copper adds strength and durability to silver jewellery.
Good quality Silver jewellery makes use of sterling silver which is 92.5% purity silver. The rest 7.5% is copper. It is the closest to pure silver you'll find in jewelry. Genuine Sterling Silver jewellery bears stamp of BIS hallmark.
When buying silver jewelry, look closely for visible blemishes or imperfections on the piece and ensure that the piece of jewellery you choose to buy is devoid of all this. Be careful of buying fake silver jewellery or silver tone jewellery which is nothing but costume jewelery with silver polish.
It is always recommended to buy from trusted and branded jewellers.
Silverware uses silver purity from 90% to 99% depending on the piece. Again it is imperative that the jeweler you purchase from is reliable and authentic in mentioning the exact weight and purity.

Buying Gold & Silver Bullions:

Gold and silver bullions have their place in every savvy investor's portfolio. Bullions serve as a great hedge against inflation and fluctuating stock markets. Another thing that goes in favour of bullions, is that they can be liquidated easily around the world. An added advantage is that unlike jewellery, nil or nominal making charges are levied. An analysis of gold and silver prices in the last few decades has shown a considerable increase and an upward graph. So you are sure to get maximum returns and multiply your money. Here is the list of options in gold and silver bullions,
Swiss Gold Biscuits :These gold biscuits are pure bars of gold and are sound investments. Absolutely no making is charged on it. Gold Coins : Gold coins often have religious symbols imprinted on it and are purchased and gifted on important occasions or purely as investments. Vedhani : Vedhani is a 23.5K gold ring with no making charges and is an investment that you can adorn. That makes it a delightful way of hoarding gold. Vedhani is exclusively offered only at P.N.Gadgil.
Silver Chips : Silver Chips are 99.9 pure bars of silver and can easily be purchased in bulk for investment purposes.
Silver Coins : Silver coins often have religious symbols etched on them which makes them a popular choice during festivals or gifting on important occasions.