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Updated on : 22/09/2020 12:00 PM

Gold Rate
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Gold Rush - Bhishi

PNG's Gold Rush investment plan offers

a unique savings scheme to plan your gold purchases in advance. At the end of the scheme, you finally get much more than you're initial investment. You can start from as small an investment as $100.


Bhishi (Gold Rush) scheme is for 12 month for jewelry


11 month customer will pay and 12th month PNG will add one month amount.

  • Duration of payment: 12 months
  • Your contribution: $ 100
  • Your total contribution: $ 1100
  • Duration of payment: 12 months
  • Your contributionv: $ 100
  • Your total contribution: $ 1100

*Terms and conditions apply

Please open your account to see term & condition. Please visit your nearest PNG store to find out more details.


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