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Updated on : 23/03/2020 11:00 AM

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Advance planning has its own benefits!

It is always in your best interest to be prepared for the upcoming big events in life well in advance and when there is a plan, nothing like it. Your trusted jeweller, PNG Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. therefore has rolled out a special FPP Scheme to help you save up for wedding jewellery, baby shower presents as well as birthday gifts and guess what, there are a number of benefits too.

To begin with, you get attractive discounts!

Example for an advance against an instalment of 3,000/-

Particulars Bullion Gold jewellery Diamond jewellery
Instalment Rs. 3,000 Rs. 3,000 Rs. 3,000
Payment 10 months 10 months 10 months
Total Instalment Rs. 30,000 Rs. 30,000 Rs. 30,000
Discount Rs. 1,800 Rs. 2,250 Rs. 3,000

That’s not all. You also have multiple other benefits in store for you!

  • On enroling for a 365-day plan, pay only for 10 months
  • Get an additional benefit of P. N. Gadgil Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. discount at the time of maturity
  • Liberty to choose how you wish to redeem the plan on the date of maturity. You can buy either bullion or jewellery or even both, under this plan. Also, you can redeem this plan for any precious metals (Gold, Silver & Platinum) or precious stones (Diamond & Colour Stones)
  • Starting with a minimum plan of Rs. 1,000 only per month, you can increase it into multiples of Rs. 500. However, the amount remains unchanged for the entire tenure.
  • Visit any of our P. N. Gadgil Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. outlet in India near you or go online at our website and enjoy the same benefits without any disruption of the plan

Excited? Activate FPP Payments Online in 4 simple steps.

Visit PNG Store, sign up for the FPP and get a unique FPP scheme ID, starting with ‘FPP’
Log in to internet banking site and create a new beneficiary (Adding PNGJPL as a prefix to your unique FPP scheme ID - PNGJPLFPP****** to get the account number of 16 characters)
For instance: Name of the beneficiary: P N Gadgil Jewellers Pvt Ltd Name of the bank: Yes Bank IFSC code: YESB0CMSNOC
Start paying your monthly instalments online and at the time of maturity, submit all the physical copies of the payment bills to redeem

Now ring in the celebrations well in advance!

*Terms and Conditions :

  • This plan can be redeemed only at P. N. Gadgil Jewellers Pvt Ltd. stores
  • Payment mode for the plan can be made in the form of Card/ Cash / DD / Cheque. Customers can submit all the cheques at once through this plan. The terms of the plan shall not be violated under any circumstances
  • In case customer is unable to make the purchase between 334th and 364" day from the scheme enrolment date, then a sale bill of Bullion will be generated on 365th day with the prevailing rate and the same will be considered as the purchase date for all purposes
  • For any reason, whatsoever, if any of the payment cheques bounce, a minimum amount of Rs. 100 or bank charges as applicable whichever is higher levied on the same will be deducted from the customer's amount accrued till then and in case of successive numbers of dishonoured cheques, P. N. Gadgil Jewelers Pvt. Ltd can terminate the plan without any notice
  • In case, customer decides to surrender this plan, one will be entitled to purchase any precious metal or precious stones from the money deposited till this date. This amount will not be refunded in monetary form (neither partially nor fully) under any circumstances, whatsoever. However, in this case, the customer will not be eligible for any discounts
  • The due date of the monthly instalment depends on the date of the enrolment for the plan. For example, if you have enroled on 1st July, your next monthly installment shall be due on 1st Aug. Any delay in the payment of the monthly instalment will affect the final maturity amount
  • At the time of maturity, discount will be as per ratio of the partial purchase of Bullion and Jewellery
  • The jewellery cost at the time of purchase is inclusive of precious metal + precious stones + pearls + making charges + taxes as applicable
  • The weight of the Bullion purchased under this plan can be made in the multiples of 0.5 gms and any difference will be charged extra
  • P. N. Gadgil Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. reserves all rights to make any changes, amendments in the terms & conditions or a total cancellation or discontinuation of this plan without any prior intimation
  • Taxes extra as applicable
  • Any dispute in relation to these terms shall be subject to jurisdiction of Pune Court
  • On enroling under P. N. Gadgil Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. Future Purchase Plan, one will be deemed to have read, understood and accepted these terms