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Daily Wear Mangalsutras


Gold and Diamond Daily Wear Mangalsutras

The Mangalsutra is considered to be the most auspicious thread which is knotted around the neck of the bride. Women proudly adorn a manglsutra with the belief that it keeps their relationship protected. It is generally worn as a chain made of black beads and with a mangalsutra pendant - tanmaniya or watimani to it. However with the changing trend, the Mangalsutra designs have gone modernised and the choice of women had also changed.

A modern working women loves wearing simple yet trendy mangalsutra design, such as the Aruna Gold Mangalsutra, the Trio Design Gold Mangalsutra and the Samali Gold Mangalsutra. However, middle aged women prefer wearing traditional mangalsutra, such as Vedica watimani gold mangalsutra and the Vinita Gold watimani mangalsutra.

Many women also prefer wearing tanmaniya pendants with their daily wear mangalsutra. So they opt for mangalsutra chains and style it with mangalsutra pendant. Some favour adding a bit of colour to it to remove the monotony by wearing colour stone tanmaniya with the mangalsutra.

At PN Gadgil Jewellers we understand the choices that you make and the designs that you desire. We have a wide array of Daily Wear Mangalsutra that are available in gold and diamond and also mangalsutra pendants to make you look beautiful. Be it home or office, be it party or family function we have all the mangalsutra designs ready for you that suits all your need.

Browse through all our collections of Everyday Wear Mangalsutras that are available in wide range of fashionable and modern designs to look special every day.