Stud Earring

Stud Earrings

Stud earrings refer to small earrings usually worn on ears through a post and held tight behind the earlobe by a screw. The main feature of a stud earrings is that they sit on the earlobe without a visible( from the front) point of connection to ears.

Hoops Huggies

These earrings are circular, semi-circular or ovular in design and resemble rings. They can either come with post or screws or a post that is closed with a small hole on the other end of the circle. Huggies are small hoops and are so named because when worn they look as though they are ‘hugging’ the ear lobes.

>Drop Earrings
Drop Earrings

Drop earrings have some kind of gemstones, pearls, beads or anything dangling from the base at top of earrings. Their sizes vary from inch long to nearly shoulder length.

Pendants & Sets
Single Chain
Single Chain Pendent and Sets

Single chain pendants come with one loop through which a chain passes. Single chain pendant sets come with a pair of matching earrings.

Double Chain
Double Chain Pendent and Sets

Double chain Pendants have two loops at the ends on top of the pendant. Two chains have to be strung from both the loops to wear it. Double chain pendant sets will include a pair of matching earrings. You can use double chain pendants for your mangalsutras as well.


Mangalsutra is a complete neckpiece consisting of a chain with black beads and pendant strung together.

Mangalsutra Pendants
Mangalsutra Pendants

Mangalsutra pendants come without the chain. You can mix and match it with a chain from our mangalsutra chains collection to make a complete mangalsutra.

Mangalsutra Chains
Mangalsutra Chains

Mangalsutra chains are just the chain with black beads without a pendant. You can combine it with a pendant from our mangalsutra pendants collection and make a complete mangalsutra.