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Diamond Necklaces & Sets 

Did your wife just tune in to watch Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Titanic, The Pink Panther or Diamonds Are Forever, on TV? Or for that matter Bollywood blockbusters Jewel Thief or Dhoom. Read between the lines. She has something to tell you. Yet not cottoned on? The common plot of all these movies - the diamond necklace. The story of the films revolves around this coveted jewellery piece and she wants that.

It’s not her fault. We come from the land of naulakkha haar (a necklace worth Rs 9 lakhs) - a necklace design with pearls, emeralds and diamonds thrown in. We have grown humming Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Prada’s song mohe naulakkha manga re de o saiyya deewane… We are basically a diamond crazy country. We love to flaunt that sparkling rock.        

For us, diamond necklace is not just a piece of jewellery. It is an expression. It lets the world know how desired we are. Obviously, who does not like when made to feel wanted, feel special and so does your better half. The attention, the complements and peer envy, all she wants. We suggest, give in to her demand. A diamond necklace will go a long way in your relationship.  

She already has one? She would not mind one more. In fact, she would not mind a dozen more. When it comes to piling up bling, she’ll always have a space in her overflowing wardrobe. Especially if you present her some of the latest designs, she would be delighted for sure. Princess Diamond NecklaceLayered Rose Heart Diamond Necklace and Floral Diamond Necklace are a fresh take on diamond necklace. Check out. You won’t agree with us more.