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Gold Mangalsutra


Plain Gold Mangalsutras

Mangalsutra is an integral part of most Indian marriages. Whether it is held in Maharashtra, Punjab, Tamil Nadu or Bihar, the groom tying a mangalsutra around his bride’s neck is a common sight. Originated in south India where it is known as thali or thaaly or maangalyam, this custom dates back to 6th century AD and at that time, a yellow thread dipped in turmeric paste was tied around the bride’s neck with three knots. From south India, the tradition travelled to north Indian and then, further penetrated into various regions and over time, the yellow thread got replaced by exquisitely designed mangalsutras (literally means auspicious thread). But the relevance of this sacred thread in any form has been the same.

Even today mangalsutras reserve the most special place in a married woman’s heart. Be it her first Mangalsutra that her husband ties around her neck during the wedding or all those that she adds to her trinket box to mark the different milestones of their relationship, each one has a special backstory to it. Glittering gold pendants depicting the sparkle and happiness in her married life and the string with gold chains and black beads manifesting the strong bond that she shares with her husband, Mangalsutra is a beautiful saga of life that is woven with gold, and not words.

Over the years, Gold Mangalsutras have evolved from traditional waati-manis to attractive designer pendants that retain the authenticity of the customary ornament while bringing it at par with the modern-day trends. Our collection has multiple choices in strings and pendants so that women can find one that exactly fits her choice and aspirations. Infinity Coloured Stone Tanmaniya has an attractive pendant with a gorgeous combination of coloured stones and American diamonds set in gold. Padmaja Gold Watimani Mangalsutra is yet another irresistible design with colourful beads lining the bottom of the pendant. Even Chandrika Artistic Gold Mangalsutra has all the trappings to adorn your neckline.

Check out our exclusive collection of Gold Mangalsutras. We bet, you’ll surely stumble upon a design that will catch your fancy at once.