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Gold Bracelets & Bangles


Gold Bracelets & Bangles

India is the land of solah shringar and bangles are one of them. The tradition of wearing bangles is so deeply rooted in our culture that the bangle-wearing ceremony is a special wedding ritual in different regions of India. Just that, it is called by different names in different cultures. While Punjabi’s call it choora and Marathis call it baangdi, Bengali refer to it as shakha pola, Bihari as choodi and Malyalis as Vala. In fact, in some families, the custom of passing down bangles as an heirloom is practised since centuries, while it is the first shagun from the groom’s mother to the bride.

But the bangles existed even before that. Some archaeological studies reveal that bangles made of terracotta, stones, shells, copper and glass were found in the excavation of the Mohenjo-Daro settlement. Besides, our country has been reigned by different dynasts of Rajputs, Marathas, Mughals and also, we have seen the Victorian era. Each era had its influence on our jewellery culture and with that, bangles too have evolved in its appearance. Meenakari, jadau, filigree…a number of techniques are used to design this special ornament.

At PNG Jewellers, we have built an extensive collection of stunning bangles to go with every occasion and attire. Whether as a wedding gift, a regal wear or a family heirloom, you have a wide variety of intricate designs to choose from. Maharani Gold Bangles, Calcutti Bangles and Rasrava Bangles are some of the highlights of our scintillating assortment. 

Time changes. Cultures differ. Tastes vary. But when it comes to women, they share a common sentiment when it comes to jewellery irrespective of age, time and place. Originated in Egypt, bracelet is a wrist adornment that has found takers amongst new-age Indian women. They are sleek, they stylish and above all, they come in variety of designs such as Coloured Gold Bracelet, Glistening Gold Bracelet, Mayur Gold Bracelet... 

Looking for some trendy ones? Just Browse through our wide variety of collection of Bangles & Bracelets that has the brilliance of designs and the hint of perfect craftsmanship to pick your favourite accessory.